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This tough, $100 smartphone looks like an upside down Galaxy S6 Edge

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Bluboo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has new device called the Xtouch and it looks just like an upside down Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This means it looks great, and the clever mirrored, curved rear panel has been made using a 3D printer, which the company says is an industry first. In a short video, the diamond cut rear panel is shown on and off the phone. Once removed, it’s bent to extremes to demonstrate its resilience to breakage.

Bluboo Xtouch 3D Mirror Back Shell

While cool, that’s not really enough to prove the Xtouch is a tough device. To do so, next the company puts it under what looks like a hefty paving slab, which was struck with a hammer. Twice. Both times, the phone survives. The Xtouch has a metal body that measures around 7.5mm, and a 2.5D screen with Gorilla Glass 2 and a design that makes it even stronger. Apparently, it’s good enough to decrease the chances of it breaking by 60-percent.

Bluboo Xtouch Survives under Hammer!! Can Moto Droid Turbo 2?

The display beneath the glass measures 5-inches and has a 1080p resolution, while a MediaTek octa-core processor provides the power, along with 3GB of RAM. There’s a Sony 13-megapixel camera on the back, with OIS and a super fast 0.03-second auto focus time, plus a wide-angle 8-megapixel selfie cam above the screen on the front. The Xtouch also has a fingerprint sensor built into the home button, and a multi-use SIM tray that takes a MicroSD card to increase the standard 32GB of internal storage. Bluboo says the phone runs Android 5.1, but judging by the screenshots it has been modified.

The price for all this? It’s $100. Well, it’s $100 after you wade through a convoluted voucher redemption offer, and even then it’s limited to the first 3,000 sales. If you can’t be bothered jumping through hoops for the voucher (and we don’t blame you), and are number 3,001 on the list, it’ll still only cost $180. Deliveries will start in mid-November. Considering the S6 Edge-style (and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro) looks, and its apparent toughness, that’s not a bad deal.

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