lets you download iOS apps from the Web without launching App Store


Nowadays, more and more companies are doing everything possible to come up with smart, engaging apps that, ideally, are unique to their own brand, and separate from those that can already be found elsewhere. When a company does innovate an app, the next big hurdle is to somehow convince users to stop and download the app, and make it as easy as possible.

This is where the folks with come in. TechCrunch reported earlier about the newest development from the company, which has come up with a way to get those iOS apps onto your phone or tablet without even having the device in your possession.

Basically, has developed an API that it will let companies embed onto their websites; all a visitor has to do is click on the button, enter their Apple user ID and password, and then the app begins to download onto your device, as long as you have the automatic app download feature enabled.

While, admittedly, it isn’t all that hard to come across an app offer on a website, pick up your phone, and then download it, it definitely is a bit of a time saver. Imagine surfing around on your desktop at home or in the office, stumbling upon a desirable app, and quickly clicking and being done with it. Not to mention, after downloading an app, the user is given a handful of related downloads to choose from, if they so desire. This could be a great opportunity for businesses, like magazines, that may offer multiple apps and want to expand promotional tactics.

The company’s president, Thomas McLeod, assures that his service is completely secure. “We’re not changing security protocols; we’re sending the same encrypted stuff they’re sending.” He’s just helping to remove a step or two in retrieving apps from non-Apple Web sites.

Right now, the feature is in early beta stages, and has only been released to a handful of partners, including, but is expanding to other developers wanting to give it a go.

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