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Facebook Messenger brings free calling feature to U.S. iPhones

facebook free to callEarlier this month, Facebook introduced new voice calling and messaging features to its Messenger apps – however, the updates were available to our Northern neighbors only. Today, the social network has pushed the new functions our way as well. If you’re a U.S. or Canadian resident with an iPhone, you can now call any other user over Wi-Fi or using your data plan – so long as the person you’re trying to call has an iPhone and the app as well.

free to callNow when you open Messenger (after updating it, of course) and choose a contact, you will see a small “i” icon in the upper right-hand corner. Hitting this opens up a page with a “Free Call” option.

Call quality is decent: You don’t avoid the constant, quiet static of a VoIP call, but it’s surprisingly clear with little cut out. Speaker phone, as you would expect, cuts down on that clarity a little, but it isn’t a huge sacrifice.

When would you ever use this, you ask? There are a handful of scenarios: When you have bad cell service; when you’re low on minutes – and really, truly, the most convenient use is when you need to get in touch with someone whose number you don’t have. As long as you’re Facebook friends and they have updated Messenger for iPhone, you’re good to go. Of course, that means… if you have Messenger for iPhone, anyone you’re Facebook friends with can call you.

And there you have it. Facebook now does phone. 

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