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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may steal this iPhone 15 camera feature

An alleged photo of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is one of the most anticipated smartphone launches of the coming year. As we approach the likely launch date, more rumors and leaks about the top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra have surfaced. The latest comes from leaker Ahmed Qwaider on X, formerly Twitter.

This new rumor suggests that Samsung has taken inspiration from the iPhone 15 series and will feature a 24MP default camera resolution on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This is a significant upgrade from the current Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has a default camera resolution of 12MP.

While the 50MP and 200MP options on the current phone are impressive, they require a lot of storage space, which is why they are not used frequently. The 24MP camera resolution on the Galaxy S24 Ultra would theoretically strike a balance between image quality and storage requirements, making it a smart choice for Samsung.

Front and back renders of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.
OnLeaks / SmartPrix

But that’s not all. The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may also feature a one-tap Photo Remaster option for quick photo touch-ups using artificial intelligence. This feature is similar to what is found on the Samsung Galaxy Book 4 laptops. It may include three settings: Portrait, Remaster, or Delete. With the Photo Remaster option, users can quickly touch up their photos, making them look as good as new with just one tap.

Furthermore, the camera may include a neutral density filter for 24MP RAW images, similar to Samsung’s Expert RAW. The neutral density filter will help users improve image quality by reducing light entering the camera lens. This will allow users to capture better images in bright environments, potentially making the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra an excellent choice for photographers and enthusiasts.

Unlike Expert RAW, the new filter would be performed during post-processing.

Close-up of the cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Joe Maring / Digital Trends

As someone who uses an iPhone 15 Pro Max, I applaud Samsung’s potential decision to switch the Galaxy 24 Ultra’s primary camera default to 24MP. This change would likely enhance the detail in every image without significantly increasing the device’s storage consumption. Therefore, it’s a win across the board. It will be interesting to see whether the change will also arrive in the other Samsung S24 models, including the regular S24 and S24 Plus. It makes sense that these handsets will also see the primary camera default rise from 12MP to 24MP, just like the four models of the iPhone 15 series.

Thankfully, we should know very soon. The latest rumors suggest Samsung will announce its new handsets in January or February. At least one rumor suggests the big announcement will come on Wednesday, January 17, at an Unpacked event in San Jose, California.

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