Who wants a Facebook phone? Survey says: almost no one


Quick! Raise your hand if you can’t wait for Facebook to come out with a phone! Anyone? Bueller? Well, then…

We know that Facebook is hosting a big press event tomorrow, and the rumor floating around it is that the social conglomerate may be announcing its own smartphone. But let’s hope not. According to a survey conducted by Retrevo, not many people actually have any interest in the potential gadget.

Of those surveyed, an overwhelming 82 percent said they had zero interest in a Facebook phone; 15 percent said they would need more information before making a decision; and a sad three percent said they would definitely be interested.

That’s even worse than the response to an Amazon phone (also rumored), which the survey also looked into. But still, only 10 percent showed interest, with 66 percent saying no thank you.

To be honest, we’re not sure why Facebook would be trying to get into the smartphone industry. We’re happy enough just using the app; why would we need a phone powered by either? (We can’t help but be reminded of the HTC Status, with its physical Facebook button … because tapping the icon is so very taxing.)

If Facebook does end up releasing a phone, it will struggle to make headway in an already aggressive, oversaturated market. Particularly, one where so many people already have brand loyalty. One of the biggest deciding factors users consider when selecting a phone is the media that is available to them. But the survey showed that just two percent of respondents turn to Facebook for apps, music, movies, and TV shows.

But please, exclude the physical Facebook button. Please.

Where do you fall with this? Would you ever consider a Facebook phone?