FastMac iV: 24 Hours of iPhone Talk Time

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If you’re one of the (seemingly) million of people in love with their iPhone 3G but aer frustrated that you can’t do all the talking—or net-surfing—you want on a single battery charge, then FastMac may have a solution for you in the form of the FastMac iV, a portable charger and extended battery for the iPhone that offers up to three times the usage time of the iPhone’s integrated battery—and up to 24 hours of talk time. And the FastMac iV is not available for use with the iPhone 3G.

The FastMac iV is an attachable battery pack with a 3100mAh TruePower battery, and while it puts quite a bump on the iPhone’s slim profile—measuring 2.4 by 5.3 by 0.5 inches— it does offer up to 21 hours of video playback time, 72 hours of listening time, 24 hours of talk time, and up to 750 hours of standby (though not all at once: each of those figures represents a best-case scenario for individual uses).

But that’s not the iV’s only trick: the unit also comes with a built-in LED flash that can be used as a flashlight, helping users find keys, doorknobs, or other items in the dark—or simply help users take pictures in low-light situations. And—one more trick—the iV has a secondary charging port can be used to charge any compatible device (like a Bluetooth headset) using a standard USB cable and matching power connector.

“iV seeks to address the two most common complaints about Apple’s iPhone—not enough battery life and no flash for the camera,” said Fastmac business development manager Michael Lowdermilk, in a statement.

The FastMac iV is priced at $79.95.