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Fleksy revamps Android keyboard app and tells us about iOS 8 plans

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Alternative keyboard app Fleksy is moving on up in the world. Ever since it debuted in December 2013, Fleksy has picked up users left and right. To keep pace with other keyboard apps and to ensure that downloads continue to rise, Fleksy issued a slight redesign, created new, premium themes, and opened its own store to sell the new features.

Premium users of the Fleksy app will be able to download any one of the six new themes available in the Fleksy Store. The app itself costs $4 after the 30-day free trial expires and each theme costs $1. Users will then be able to customize their keyboard experience, making it more enjoyable to type. Fleksy revealed the “Deep Blue” and “Liquid Sky” themes in its press release.

Eventually, as Fleksy adds more themes to the store, COO and Co-Founder Ioannis Verdelis told Digital Trends that the company will offer special bundles with different themes.

“The average Fleksy user spends 1.5 hours looking at our keyboard every day, so we think it’s a great market for personalization and other premium content,” Verdelis told Digital Trends. “We want to keep Fleksy looking premium and the new themes add to that feel.”

The Fleksy Store will also include premium emoji and branded emoji in the near future. Additionally, the 17 new languages from the Android beta are now included in the official Android app. Hebrew, Croatian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Norwegian, Tagalog, Catalan, and more are among the new languages offered. Overall, Fleksy supports 40 different languages so far.

Verdelis told us that the same great features and functionality will be available on the iOS app when it debuts alongside iOS 8 this fall, but that the look might be slightly different.

“We want to make sure it’s a good transition for iOS users,” Verdelis said. “Especially for those who’ve only seen the same iOS keyboard for seven years.”

Fleksy will still be premium and attractive, but it will work with the iOS aesthetic. Autocorrect and other features will still work like normal. The support for 40 different languages will also cross over. iOS users will be able to try Fleksy out for a while and get used to it before they commit to its keyboard for good.

In the meantime, Android users can download the app on the Google Play Store.

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