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Galaxy S8 Mini: News and rumors

Samsung poised to bring back Galaxy S Mini with model based on Galaxy S8

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Small phones are rare these days, and good small phones are even harder to come by. In previous years, Samsung has offered a more compact version of its flagship Galaxy S that lacks quite the same power, performance, and features of the larger variant. The last “Mini” model actually was released alongside the Galaxy S5, all the way back in 2014. Now, it’s looking like Samsung might be ready to bring back the Galaxy S Mini with an all-new model based on this year’s S8. Here’s everything we think we know about the upcoming Galaxy S8 Mini.

Galaxy S8 Mini specs

The first report regarding the Galaxy S8 Mini comes from Chinese site IT Home by way of Phandroid. The rumor is that Samsung is currently working on the device, which will sport a 5.3-inch screen instead of the standard model’s 5.8-inch one. Given the S8’s lack of bezels, the idea is that even with such a large screen, the Mini would feel more like a 4.7 inch phone in the hand — like the iPhone 7. The bezels won’t be quite as narrow above and below the screen as on the other S8 models, IT Home reports.

In terms of silicon, the article says Samsung may opt to go with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 system on a chip in place of the 835 found in some versions of the S8 and S8 Plus. The 821 was the same chipset LG put in its G6. While it is older and not quite as powerful as the 835, it is considerably more high-end than the processors found in most small Android phones. Using it could also allow Samsung to keep costs down and sell the Mini at a lower price point than the larger model.

IT Home says the device could come with 4GB of RAM on board, as well as 32GB of internal storage. The RAM figure is impressive, in that it’s on par with the versions of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus sold outside of Asia. The storage allotment may seem small, but Samsung included a MicroSD slot in the S8 and typically does with most of its devices, so it appears that can be increased.

Release date

There’s no word of a release date yet for the S8 Mini, though we can look to the past to make an informed guess.

Galaxy S Mini devices previously tended to be released several months after the spring unveiling of the mainline phone. For example, the S5 Mini launched in June, and the S4 Mini before it landed on shelves in July.

Given that this is the first piece of news we’ve heard regarding the S8 Mini, we may not see the device until August at the earliest. Nevertheless, if Samsung is looking to stay consistent with a summer release window, there’s still time.

Much could and likely will change between now and release. Check back here for updates in the coming weeks.

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