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Google Fit is so buggy that some users can’t even log in

Brenda Stolyar/Digital Trends

While Apple continues its focus on health through devices like the Apple Watch and the much-loved Apple Health app, Google seems to be struggling in the health department.

Google Fit got a pretty major redesign late last year, but since then the Google Fit website has been shut down and users have been complaining about the buggy new app for months, according to a new report from Android Police. Worst of all? It doesn’t seem as though Google is working on fixing the issues.

We reached out to Google for a comment to the report and were given a relatively boilerplate response.

“We don’t have anything new to share right now other than we’re actively looking into the reports,” said the company in an email.

So what exactly is so wrong with the Google Fit app? Well, the bugs are numerous. As Android Police notes, tracking through the app or a Wear OS watch often simply stops, while logging in to the app is apparently impossible — so don’t even think about trying to fix the issue by logging out and logging back in again. Not only that, but the app doesn’t seem to sync with third-party apps and services, which means that you can’t use it as the health hub that you should be able to use it as.

The bugs aren’t uncommon either. There are a number of bad reviews of the app on the Google Play Store, and those bad reviews seem to be mounting. On June 11, Google said that the login issue was supposed to be fixed — but that hasn’t happened as plenty of users still can’t log in to the service.

Health is an area that other companies like Apple, already had an edge over Google on — and if these kinds of issues aren’t fixed, that’s only likely to continue. Many thought that Google had renewed its focus on health after the redesign of Google Fit. However, unless it can fix these issues and continue to build new features into Fit, it looks like Apple will remain the king of health tech, although rumors continue to persist about the likes of Amazon joining the race.

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