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Multi-user support could make Google Home fun for the whole family

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We’ve been waiting about a month for this, and it looks like Google Home is finally ready to start rolling out support multiple users. As of Monday morning, it seems as though users have begun to discover something new in the Discover tab of the Google Home app. The new card is called “Multiple users now supported,” and unless Google is playing a very mean trick on us, it would suggest that the smart home hub can now be linked to multiple people in a household instead of just one master commander.

The card’s description reads: “Now, you and others in your home can get a personalized experience from your Assistant on Google Home.” Unfortunately, however, although Google is already touting the new feature, it doesn’t appear to be live quite yet. That said, it certainly doesn’t seem as though Google would allow such a card to exist on the app if multiple user support weren’t truly forthcoming, so hopefully, we can expect the feature to become publicly available in the near future.

Of course, we should point out that details still aren’t available around how different users will actually be able to use the same smart hub. Ostensibly, Assistant will be able to identify different individuals’ voices, and switch among different accounts accordingly. After all, if Siri is working on voice recognition, it stands to reason that other smart assistants are as well.

Once multiple users are indeed able to use Google Home and its associated features like Assistant, Android Police notes that you might be able to access a number of options that were previously available only on your phone, like setting personal reminders, sending messages, and creating calendar events.

So get excited, friends. Your smart home assistant looks to be getting even smarter in the days ahead.

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