Google’s ready for I/O 2015, updates official app with live streaming event schedule

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Whether you’re attending this year’s Google I/O developer conference in-person or watching from afar, you’ll want to download the official Google I/O 2015 app, as it’s been updated in preparation for the show’s opening at the end of May.

Why do you need it? If you’re not lucky enough to be at I/O, it’s the perfect spot to watch the opening keynote, where we usually see and hear about any new products, plus all the subsequent live streaming sessions. The My Schedule feature lets you keep track of all that’s going on. You can add events, and then get reminders before they start, so you don’t miss anything important.

You can even switch back and forth between the I/O web app and the I/O Android app as much as you want, and everything will stay in sync. In the Android app settings, you can enable Google Calendar integration so you can see your I/O schedule all in one place. The Google I/O 2015 update also brings a fresh new look and currently lists the sessions that are already scheduled, though most of them don’t give all of the details.

Google kicked off last year’s Google I/O event by announcing several new products, including Android TV, Android Auto and the developer preview software Android L, which would eventually become Android Lollipop. There’s a lot of talk that at this year’s conference we’ll get our first look at Android M, learn more about Google’s self-driving car, and if we’re very lucky, some new Nexus hardware too. Google Home might also get a lot of attention as well.

You can download the Google I/O 2015 app from the Google Play Store here. Plus, if you’re attending and need to catch a ride to the conference, Google has partnered with Lyft to give everyone a $50 discount off their first 10 rides. New users should download the Lyft app, sign-up, and then apply the promo code GOOGLEIO to get the deal.

Google I/O 2015 begins on May 28, and we’ll bring you all the news from the always exciting event.

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