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Google Measure app now works on any ARCore-capable phone

Apple has been embracing augmented reality on the iPhone, and recently introduced a new feature to iOS 12 that allows users to measure real-world objects using AR on their phone. Now, Google is expanding its version of the feature. The Google Measure app is being expanded to work on any ARCore-capable phone. Previously, it was only available on Project Tango devices that had specialized sensors.

In other words, dozens of Android phones can now take advantage of augmented reality measuring capabilities on their phone, including the likes of the Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S9, and more. Even an original Google Pixel XL will support the new app.

When you first open up the app, which is Measure 2.0, it’ll walk you through how to use it, but we found it generally easy overall to use the app — when it worked properly. When we installed the app, it seemed a little buggy at times, though moving the phone around the room fixed most of those issues, as it allowed the app to better scope out the environment.

So what about accuracy? When used properly, the app did pretty well. It managed to correctly measure a desk that was six feet wide, but it measured a ledge on the desk, which is 11 inches, as 10 inches. The app itself warns that its measurements should be correct plus or minus one inch, so it does deliver on its promise — though if you’re looking for something ultra-precise, then you may want to stick to that trusty tape measure.

The app also allows you to take a photo — so you can save the measurements you take without having to continuously remeasure. That’s a pretty handy feature, especially for those that might need to take their measurements to a furniture store, for example. In the settings, you can also switch between metric or imperial units — so it should be usable in countries around the world.

Of course, the app will likely continue to get better over time as Google applies machine learning and its object-recognition technology continues to get better. Either way, if you want to get the Google Measure app for yourself, visit the website.

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