Google plans to launch apps on Windows tomorrow

Microsoft Lumia 735
Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
After dropping the various patent lawsuits involving the two companies, Google and Microsoft might be preparing something special for its event tomorrow. Google may announce all or some of its apps on Windows 10 at the event, according to Arabic site W4PHub. The rumor claims that the apps will be available on the universal store, letting both Windows 10 and 10 Mobile users finally use all of Google’s services.

Previously, Google has kept away from Windows Mobile, due to its small market share in comparison to Android and iOS. The search giant might be finally ready to add Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Hangouts, and more onto Windows, following the patent agreement.

The creation of several first-party apps for Windows Mobile would take a few months, meaning this could have been part of the settlement deal between Microsoft and Google. Having all of the Google apps on Windows Mobile should be a decent update for fans of the operating system, which currently holds 3 percent market share on mobile. Google and Microsoft have both not commented on the report.

Google previously blocked Microsoft’s attempt to build a first-party YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 in 2013, claiming it violated the terms of service. The two companies have not collaborated since, though Microsoft did add Office to Android.

Google promotes its apps on iOS almost as much as it does on Android, even adding features on the iPhone earlier. We doubt the same dedication will be made for Windows Mobile apps, unless Microsoft sees a surge in sales of Lumia devices.

Speaking of Lumia, Microsoft plans to launch a plethora of devices at the event, from budget to top-of-the-line. The Microsoft Band will receive an update, as will the Xbox One, and we should see a HoloLens demo, if the rumors are true.

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