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AT&T GoPhone customers are getting a hefty data allotment increase

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Need another reason to ditch postpaid phone services? AT&T is giving you one.

The company’s GoPhone is getting increasingly tempting with new updates. The latest change? A jump in data allotments.

Now, if you’re on the top-tier $60 prepaid plan, you’ll automatically be bumped up to a cool 8GB of data. The cheaper $45 plan will go up to 4GB. That’s up from 6GB and 3GB, respectively, so you’ll be getting a 33 percent increase in the amount of data at your disposal, which will certainly be nice for those who want a prepaid plan but still like to use a lot of data.

You can actually pay even less than $60 or $45 with GoPhone, if you opt to use AutoPay. With that option selected, you’ll pay $5 less, so you could get 8GB of data for only $55 — far less than many other offerings around.

GoPhone subscribers aren’t even limited to the U.S. — as a subscriber you’ll be able to enjoy your calls, texts, and data while in Canada and Mexico.

On top of the change in data allotment, AT&T is also promoting a few of the phones offered by GoPhone. Some of those already cheap phones come with a $50 discount. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to buy a device from GoPhone in order to enjoy the company’s services — you can use any unlocked GSM phone that’s compatible with AT&T’s network. That includes flagship devices like the Google Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, or the new LG V20.

GoPhone seems to update its plans pretty regularly, offering more and more data to customers — which is helpful considering that apps are getting more data-hungry too.

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