Hate cramped airplanes? The Airhook holds your tablet and a drink

hate cramped airplanes the airhook holds your tablet and a drink

Targeting millions of travelers that fly all over the world each year, the Airhook is an interesting travel gadget that eliminates the need to lower your tray table during the flight. Mounting on the top of the tray table on the back of an airline seat, the Airhook includes a standard size cup holder as well as a groove for a mobile device. The device is held in place by an adjustable bungee cord that clamps onto a tablet or smartphone.

The Airhook can accommodate a mobile device up to 7.5 inches tall and is mounted at eye level.  This would easily allow flyers to mount an iPad Air tablet in landscape mode as the device is only 6.6 inches wide. There’s also a knob on the side of the Airhook that lets users adjust the angle of both the cup holder and the mobile device by 10 degree increments. This can be ideal when the person in front of a flyer decides to tilt their seat back in a more comfortable position.


Speaking about the reason for developing the Airhook, product creator Craig Rabin said “Travelers needs have changed since airplane tray tables were designed decades ago and vertical use of the tray table allows for a more comfortable flying experience.” Rabin originally came up with the idea when flying and attempting to find a location for his coffee while using the tray table as a makeshift hook for his sports jacket.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, Rabin has opened up preorders on the official Airhook site. The travel gadget can be preordered for a price of $25 in blue, black, grey or a multi-color version. Expecting to ship during December 2015, the initial production run is on schedule to begin this month with production hopefully completed by November.