HTC EVO 4G Problems: What Users Complain about the Most

htc evo 4g problems what users complain about the most 2Looking into the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint? As the current king of the 4G hill, it has certainly earned its stars, but WiMax juggernaut has it’s shortcomings, too. Like the iPhone 4, early adopters ran into a handful of frequent problems with the EVO 4G. Here are the issues any potential buyer will want to be aware of.

Poor battery life

Sure, your shiny new EVO 4G will function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, sharing out your 4G signal to up to eight friends, but you had better find an outlet if you want to keep them happy. Although the EVO 4G has roughly the same battery capacity as most other smartphones, heavy 4G use can quickly whittle it down within just hours. It’s not a manufacturing error: Just an unfortunate consequence of pumping data way faster than your 3G peers.

USB charging issues

A small number of EVO 4G buyers report they have had issues charging their phones via the microUSB port. Some claim their phones will not charge at all, while others experience intermittent charging. The problem appears to be due to the female microUSB port working its way loose from the motherboard. HTC is aware of the problem and will exchange phones within the standard one-year warranty period.

Light leakage and glass separation

The 4.3-inch display on the EVO 4G, gorgeous as it is, has had some issues. Early adopters complained that the screens on some phones are not properly sealed, leading to light from the backlight bleeding out, and potentially in the long term, dust build up. HTC claims it has remedied issues at the factory that caused the problem.

Unresponsive touch screens

The EVO 4G uses the same capacitive technology found on devices like the iPhone and Droid, but some users complain the device can become unresponsive when it isn’t grounded (being held in the hand). Check out the demo video below.

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