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Ikea’s new wireless charger hides under the tabletop

Ikea’s latest technology-based offering comes in the form of a wireless Qi charging pad that you fix under your tabletop. So instead of placing your compatible device directly onto the pad, you simply place it on the flat surface above it and charge right there.

The setup results in a clutter-free tabletop, with both the charging pad and its wire hidden from view.

It’s “perfect to mount on a desk, side table, or bedside table when you want chargers and cables to blend into the decor to keep the room neat and tidy,” Ikea says on its website.

Ikea’s new Sjömärke wireless charger costs $40 and can be fitted beneath wooden and plastic surfaces, though not metal ones. Importantly, the surface needs to have a thickness of between 8 mm and 22 mm (0.31 inch-0.87 inch) in order for the charger to work properly.

Ikea has posted a short video showing how simple it is to put in place.

IKEA - SJÖMÄRKE draadloze lader gebruiken en installeren

As the video shows, the Sjömärke comes with a couple of strips of double-sided sticky tape to help you quickly and easily fix it in place. The charger also has holes for screws if you want to secure it more firmly, though these aren’t included.

In the box, you’ll also find an “ marks the spot” sticker for the surface of the tabletop so you won’t constantly be hunting around in search of the power connection.

The downside is that Sjömärke only offers a modest 5 watts of charging power, so your device’s battery will take longer to fill up than if you were using a more powerful wireless charger.

Now, if you’re an Ikea fan because you love putting stuff together, then this particular product, with its two strips of sticky tape and nothing else, will fall well short. In that case, roll up your sleeves and check out Digital Trends’ guide on how to build your own wireless charging table.

Alternatively, check out our collection of the best wireless chargers currently available, including several with a power output as high as 15W.

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