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How to install custom keyboards on iOS 8

install custom keyboards ios 8 swift key
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The brand-new iOS 8 gives Apple’s native keyboard a major face lift. Most notably, the Prediction Bar located above the familiar iPhone keyboard. The Prediction Bar will automatically appear on every device running on iOS 8 and will predict commonly used words similar to third-party keyboards that have been around for years on Android and Blackberry devices

Apple’s improved keyboard may be a step in the right direction but iOS 8 may still leave something to be desired for typing enthusiasts. Thankfully, Apple has now given users the option to install third-party keyboards like Swiftkey and Key Swipe — the very same keyboards that have infatuated Android users for years. Here’s our how-to guide to installing custom keyboards on iOS 8.

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How to install Custom Keyboards on iOS 8

1. Browse the App Store. Download your desired keyboard from the App Store. We’ve assembled a roundup of the third-party keyboards available in the App Store

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2. Go into your settings. The keyboard app will appear on your home screen but you’ll still have to enable it in your settings. After downloading, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard.

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3. Enable third-party keyboard: From the keyboard menu, take a look at the list of installed third-party keyboards. Every keyboard installed from the App Store will be listed here. Select the name of the keyboard you want to enable.

keyboard 2
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4. Switching Keyboards: Despite enabling third-party keyboards, the native Apple keyboard will still be the default option. You’ll have to select the globe icon to switch between the native Apple keyboard and the third-party counterpart.

Keyboard 9
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5. Make third-party keyboard default option: To default your third-party keyboard, return to the keyboard menu. Take a look at the list of enabled keyboards. Delete Apple’s default keyboard labeled, English by swiping to the left.This action will automatically make the third-party keyboard appear when you type. But Apple’s keyboard will still appear in some situations, like anytime you type your password credentials or encounter other privacy related prompts.

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