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This iPhone 8 dummy may not be real, but it still gives a glimpse of the future

Every iPhone release brings rumors and possible leaks before the big unveil, but the iPhone 8 has elicited more speculation than ever. Plentiful leaked information has given avid fans of Apple products a possible glimpse at the new iPhone’s wireless charging, design, and color. Two videos have also appeared, showing what looks like iPhone 8 phones in a factory. Remember: All the assumptions made in this video are based on leaked photos and videos, so take this information with a grain of salt. Until the new iPhone 8 actually comes out, we can’t be sure what it will be able to do. These are the predictions of David Cogen, the Unlockr, based on an iPhone 8 concept model used by case manufacturers.


The front of the phone is basically all screen with tiny bezels on all sides. Most glaringly, the phone is missing the home button or fingerprint reader. Along the top there are a variety of sensors. These sensors could possibly foretell the use of facial and iris recognition to unlock the phone, which would explain the currently missing fingerprint reader. If the sensors are for facial and iris recognition, the sensors on the top could include an infrared sensor. With the work that Apple has been doing with Augmented Reality, there could be additional depth and AR sensors as well.

One question that is probably on your mind is how you will return to the home screen with no home button. Well, there are several possible solutions. A squeezable frame could be in the works, but a new 3D touch input method is more likely. Maybe the power button will also act as a home button. We can’t know for sure, but Apple probably has something up its sleeve.


As on older iPhones, you have dual cameras on the back, but now they are arranged in vertically instead of horizontally, like on the iPhone 7 Plus. The camera will probably do the same things as cameras on past iPhones, but the new alignment might be better for depth perception and AR – which could explain why Apple rearranged their camera design. The back appears to be glass, which goes towards supporting wireless charging as a possibility for this new phone.


The three colors that have been showing up in the leaked photos are silver white, black, and blush gold. However, colors are the features that are the most unknown before the new iPhone is officially released. There might only be three colors, and they might have the same names, but the actual shade will probably be different from what has been leaked. Many times prototypes or dummy models don’t come in the exact correct shade that the final result will have.

Please keep in mind that these are just predictions based on leaked information and rumors that may not be true. We won’t know anything for sure until the iPhone 8 is released.

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