iPhone Accounts For 50 Per Cent Of Mobile Web Traffic

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AdMob has released figures showing the iPhone accounts for around 50% of all mobile Web traffic in the US, and around 33% worldwide. The data only measures AdMob’s network.

However, Google’s Android has already hit a 5% market share, not too shabby considering it’s only available on the T-Mobile G1, and that it’s only been available for five months.

It’s not such good news for BlackBerry, however. It might be placed second in mobile traffic with a 21% share, but that’s down 11% in the six months since AdMob’s last report.

Windows Mobile has 13% of traffic, with Palm at 7%. Symbian, once the undisputed leader as an OS for mobile Web use, has been losing a lot of ground, down from 64% in August to 43%.