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Jabra’s Elite earphones give you a direct line to Alexa while you’re on the go

Jabra Elite 45e
Listening to your tunes while on the go is great, but we’re increasingly becoming accustomed to being listened to — usually by a voice assistant. So it makes sense that Jabra has moved to include voice assistant compatibility in its expanded Elite line of wireless earphones.

The company has announced three new models: The $170 Jabra Elite 65t, the $190 Jabra Elite Active 65t, and the $100 Jabra Elite 45e. The “t” designation indicates a “true wireless” model, i.e. no cords at all, while the “e” designation stands for “earbud,” even though that description would seem applicable to all three models.

The Elite range are designed to give you easy access to Alexa‘s on-the-go capabilities, but they’ll work with “all major voice services,” according to a company press release, including Google Assistant and Siri. They’re also intended to be used with the Jabra Sound+ app (iOS/Android), which lets you customize the way the earphones sound.

Jabra is backing the Elite lineup with a two-year warranty against water and dust ingress, while the Elite Active 65t gets additional coverage for sweat ingress. At only $10 more that Apple’s AirPods, the Elite 65t might be just the ticket for those who want a fully wireless experience but don’t want to be tied to Siri, while the Elite Active 65t makes for an interesting option for fitness-tracking buffs, thanks to its built-in accelerometer.

We came away from our time with the company’s Elite Sport earbuds very impressed, so we’re excited to see how Jabra has moved things forward with these new Elite products. The Elite 65t will be up for sale sometime in the first quarter of 2018, while the Elite Active 65t and Elite 45e won’t hit shelves until April.

As usual, pricing doesn’t get discussed at CES, but pre-order pages at Best Buy give us some hints, with the Elite 65t coming in at $170,the Elite Active 65t at $190, and the 45e coming it at about $100.

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AcousticSheep, the company behind SleepPhones, touts the product as a solution to bad sleep, and suggests that it can improve the quality of your rest each night with music -- which may very well be true -- but hidden inside the app is a truly unique function: the ability to induce lucid dreams.

Strangely, this isn't something that the AcousticSheep advertises. The brains of the operation, Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, didn't even mention it to us until we asked about it -- but the functionality is totally there.
Here's how it works. Once you've strapped them on your head and conked out, SleepPhones use a set of accelerometers to track your movement while you sleep. Generally speaking, when you're in REM sleep, you don't move around at all. So after it learns your sleep patterns, the headband can make an educated guess on when you're in a deep, dream-filled sleep state, and then switch on some music. The idea is that you'll be able to hear this music in your dream, realize you're dreaming, and go lucid -- just like Inception.
Available at: Amazon
It's certainly not the first gizmo designed to help you lucid dream, but the accelerometer/headphones approach has the potential to be far more effective than anything we've seen before. We haven't gotten a chance to take it for a spin quite yet, but we definitely plan to -- so keep an eye out for our hands-on review in the next couple weeks.

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