Use protection: Connect to public hotspots and encrypt your sessions with Keezel

With the backdrop of the Apple vs. FBI case looming over Mobile World Congress, mobile security has been an important highlight at the show. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) aren’t words rolling off the average person’s tongue, as they’re still not a well-known, mainstream tool to protect data.

VPN’s are mostly aimed at people who connect to unsecured open Wi-Fi hotspots, such as ones you’d find in at the airport, in cafes, or restaurants. When you connect to those networks that don’t require a password, anyone can hack into your device to see what you’re browsing, your cursor movements, the apps you use and open, and more. This even extends to work, as your company can see what exactly you’re doing when you’re on its network.

Unfortunately for most people, hacking is easy to dismiss as something that won’t happen to you, but Keezel is trying to change that attitude by offering a simple way to use a VPN. Keezel essentially encrypts the network you’re on. It first connects to the public hotspot, and then creates the encrypted, secure one just for you. It chooses from numerous network providers around the world that the company has partnered with, and offers the best service in relation to your location.

Since the intended use is travel, the Keezel has a large 7,000mAh battery, that is estimated to last around 10 hours of usage. To use it, all you have to do is turn it on, connect to Keezel’s Wi-Fi, and then you can change the country Keezel connects to, should you want to visit websites that aren’t accessible where you are. It doesn’t matter what phone or operating system you use, as long as it can connect to Wi-Fi.

For example, Google doesn’t really have a presence in China, but using a VPN will allow you to continue using the search giant’s services.

VPNs are especially useful for watching shows on services like Netflix, where different countries have varied offerings. Connecting to your another country’s network allows you to access the shows available there. Netflix announced it is going to crack down on people who use VPN-like services though, so be wary.

All of these features make using a VPN worth it, especially if you a travel often, and it’s all what Keezel is touting due to the device’s portability and ease of use. It also connects to devices that can’t install VPN software, like Google’s Chromecast, or your AppleTV.

The oval device will cost you $100, and since it was born out of a successful Indiegogo campaign, choosing the perks available there will give you free premium service for the first year. Normally, the device is free to use, but after paying $100, you’ll only get limited speeds and locations to choose from. You’ll need to pay an additional $5 a month to get access to those high-speeds and unlock all the locations around the world the company has partnered with.

There are other pricing models you can view here, and it will begin shipping in June.