LG G Flex gets Android 4.4 Kitkat update from AT&T


If you’ve made a habit out of bending your LG G Flex out of shape, this piece of news may make you stop the roughhousing altogether. The curvaceous phablet gets the Android 4.4 upgrade from AT&T today, erasing one of our bigger gripes with the device. 

The G Flex, which came out in late January, shipped with Android 4.2.2 JellyBean, which sort of dampened the fun of bending a smartphone like its made of cardboard. Now G Flex owners get all the advantages of the newest version of Android 4.4 KitKat, like its interface improvements, longer battery life, and faster processing speed.

In an announcement on its blog, LG highlighted the benefits of the update, such as a “noticeable  speed boost” in running applications, support for battery-saving location mode, and restyled status and navigation bars. Aside from the OS version upgrade, LG also threw in the Knock Code feature. The function, which first appeared in the G2 and the GFlex as KnockOn, allows users to unlock phones by merely tapping twice on the touchscreen. The new version of Knock Code is more secure, requiring users to tap out a pattern to unlock the screen.

To install the update, just pull down on the notification panel and then go to Settings > General > About phone > Software Update > Update Now. From there, just follow the instructions. To increase the chances of a successful install, LG recommends logging on to a Wi-Fi network (the file’s over 600MBs) and having at least a 50 percent charge on your phone.