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LG’s new 8-inch tablet has a full-size USB port

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LG has quietly announced a new tablet, named the G Pad 2. Currently only available in Korea, the device is a successor to last year’s G Pad, and a slight step up from the G Pad F, which came to AT&T earlier this year. The G Pad range consisted of three different sized tablets — a 7-inch, an 8-inch, and a 10.1-inch version — but so far, the G Pad 2 only comes in a single, 8-inch size.

What’s new? Technically, not much. The screen has a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, and is fitted to a curvier, more modern body. Another Snapdragon 400 processor running at 1.2GHz provides the power, but the RAM has been boosted to 1.5GB, up from 1GB on the previous model.

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The big changes with the G Pad 2 are on the accessory side. First is the introduction of a stylus, and LG highlights the slimness of the tip, making it ideal for precision work. Tablets that include a stylus aren’t anything new, but the G Pad 2 is one of the first we’ve seen with a full-size USB port built into the chassis. That’s right, no more messing about with admittedly clever dual-function mobile USB sticks, the G Pad 2 8.0 will happily accept any USB connection — and it’s no only about storage expansion either, it’ll handle keyboards and mice.

LG G Pad 2 80 Stylus

Not that storage will be a huge problem. There’s 32GB of internal space, plus a MicroSD card slot ready to increase this by up to 128GB. Other features include a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front camera, and a big 4200mAh battery. The tablet also comes with Android 5.0 installed, and Microsoft’s Android Office apps.

Spotted on LG’s Korean website, there’s no sign of other G Pad 2 tablets, but there’s a chance we’ll see both a smaller and larger version in the future. LG hasn’t announced the G Pad 2 8.0 internationally either, but all this may change during the IFA tech show in September.

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