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LG’s G Watch tipped for July launch in the UK, could be followed by a round version

The LG G Watch

During last month’s launch of Android Wear, Google’s new OS for wearables, LG’s G Watch got a little lost in all the commotion surrounding the Moto 360. The more traditional smartwatch design just isn’t as eye-catching as Motorola’s round watch face, and it was entirely missing from the concept videos produced to promote the new software. However, it’s still the only other device announced which will feature the software, which means we’re still excited about it.

LG G Watch PrototypeLG hasn’t been forthcoming with any detail on the gadget, but Pocket-Lint caught up with the G Watch at a product showcase in the UK recently, and uncovered some interesting new information. The good news is, we don’t have long to wait before it goes on sale. According to the report, the G Watch is being prepared for a July launch in the UK, giving the company just a few months to finalize it.

This is good news for UK smartwatch fans. Motorola has decided to hold back from releasing the Moto 360 outside of the U.S. for its initial run, making the LG G Watch likely to be the first Android Wear device available in the country.

The watch seen at the show was a non-working prototype, presumably yet to be mated to the Android Wear OS, but the design seen in the picture is said to be final. There are no buttons on the device, and it’s described as having a premium feel with solid build quality. Sitting next to a Gear 2 smartwatch, the whole face is slightly larger than Samsung’s device. The strap will also be interchangeable with one of your choice. 

LG G Watch Prototype Gear 2Additionally, the projected price was revealed to be less than £180, which converts over to $300. This would price the G Watch at slightly less than the Gear 2 Neo, and at least £100 less than the Gear 2. In the U.S., the Gear 2 Neo has been priced at $200, so expect the G Watch to come in a little under that.

Finally, it sounds like LG knows it’s going to need something special to stand out once the Moto 360 hits the shelves, and has indicated it is also considering a round G Watch design in the future. 

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