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Looks app lets you try out new makeup styles using a selfie cam, and it has a mode for dudes

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The Beauty mode selfie lovers use to creatively enhance their look when pouting at the front cam on their phone was just the start. Line, the popular messaging platform, has released Looks, an app for virtually testing out different makeup styles and snapping selfies to show it off. Essentially classy filters that are placed over your face, it’s an evolution of Snapchat’s Lenses feature, only for making you look prettier rather than sillier.

line-looks-appWhile Looks is obviously aimed primarily at women, this is an equal opportunity app, and has not one but two modes that are specifically for men. We’ll come back to that in a moment (we’re letting it sink in first). Here’s how Looks works. Using the selfie cam on your phone, the app applies different makeup styles on to the image of your face, which can then be tweaked to find the degree that’s right for you. Swipe across the screen to increase or decrease the effect.

Rather than just feature a few basic styles, Line has worked with makeup brands including Clinique, 3CE, and Hera, so you can try the products out without having to actually put any on your face. If you like what you see, there are direct links to go and buy the products used to create the final look. Clever.

Additionally, like a normal beauty mode, you can alter the size of your eyes, the shape of your face, and its complexion. In the pictures, Line Looks appears to work really well, and the filters recognize your face effectively in the app. We can see a lot of people having fun with Looks.

Back to the mode for men. Amazingly there are two, one named Boy and the other Zico. Guys, if you’ve wondered how slapping masses of eye liner and mascara on would make you look, then here’s your chance to find out without raiding your wife/mother/sister’s makeup case. Here’s a hint: It’s not good.

Line Looks is available for Android and iOS for free now.

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