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Loop tablet is the perfect gift for your technology-hating grandparents

Looking for a tablet to give your grandparents so they can enjoy the entertainment the younger generation enjoy now? The Loop tablet may be the device for you.

The tablet is aimed largely at content delivery, and looks to bridge the gap between the content you probably mostly enjoy on your TV, and what you probably mostly enjoy on your smartphone. Of course, for most of us, an iPad would be a perfect device to fill that gap — but for the older generation, using an iPad might not be so easy.

The tablet was first unveiled at CES this year, however it’s now finally available to order. It’s largely focused on communications, but it has a few tricks to offer, too. For example, it has much more powerful speakers than you would probably find on other tablets — perfect for those with hearing limitations. It also has voice and gesture controls aimed at facilitating hands-free control, and offers easy streaming from apps like YouTube.

The design is a little different from other tablets — it looks more like an old-style CRT TV than a device of the 21st century, but because of the design choices, the device also has an easy-to-clean control dial on the side that allows users to skip forward and back in content. Last but not least, it has a strap on its back that helps make it easy to move from one room to another.

The tablet is also aimed at helping people be more social rather than stuck in their devices. In other words, it’s kind of like a social device for your parents or grandparents, aimed at keeping them in the loop. For example, it can show photos and other content from social accounts in an easy-to-use interface.

To find out more about Loop, check out the video below. Otherwise, you can head to the website to get one for yourself (or your grandma) for $199.

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