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The Misfit Path is Misfit’s smallest hybrid smartwatch yet

Misfit’s latest addition to its line of watches is the Misfit Path, which the company announced at CES, and it’s unique because the timepiece is the company’s smallest hybrid smartwatch yet.

Using a 3-axis accelerometer, the Misfit Path tracks steps taken, calories burned, the distance traveled, and sleep duration. With its connected app, you’re also able to receive calls, texts, emails, and various app notifications straight to the watch.

Similar to the Skagen Signatur T-Bar hybrid smartwatch we had a chance to test out, you can set each number on the watch to a specific contact or app. When you receive a notification, your watch alerts you by vibrating and the watch hands go to the specific number — between 1 and 12 — that you assigned.

Other features include the ability to set a second time zone, customize vibration alarms, create movement reminders, and update the date and time. Using Path’s smart button feature, you can call your phone when you can’t find it, control the music, take photos, and connect it to other smart devices.

Made of stainless steel with a matte finish, Misfit Path is a more chic and discreet alternative to its predecessors. Available in four soft color variants — stainless steel, rose tone, gold tone, and stainless steel with gold tone accent —  its silicon sport straps are interchangeable with Mistfit’s 16mm watch straps.

Misfit is also no stranger to hybrid smartwatches — with a few already on the market. In November, Misfit released the Misfit Command hybrid smartwatch with a larger watch face and more traditional look. The Path will certainly appeal to a certain demographic that prefer small watches.

Prior to the Command, the company launched the Misfit Phase in October 2016. The hybrid smartwatch has a similar, fashionable look to Misfit’s Path but includes a larger case size and darker colorways.

The Misfit Path is swim-proof and water-resistant up to 50 meters. It also includes a replaceable coin cell battery that lasts up to six months, which means you won’t have to worry about charging it.

You’ll be able to purchase a Misfit Path this spring, and the hybrid smartwatch will be available on Misfit’s website for $150.

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