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The best Nokia 8.3 cases and covers

The Nokia 8.3 is one of the best pure Android phones you can get right now. Its PureView camera delivers incredible quality for the price, and its long-lasting battery and 5G compatibility make it a worthwhile investment. We loved the Nokia 8.3’s Android One software and its large and attractive display — which is why it received our Recommended Product award.

Naturally, you will want to protect the Nokia 8.3 when you buy it. It isn’t the most expensive phone you can buy, but it isn’t exactly cheap either at $700. Here are some of the best cases you can get for the Nokia 8.3 right now.

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Damondy Silicone Gel Case

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The Damondy silicone gel case has a lot to offer for new Nokia 8.3 owners. It is soft to the touch, yet offers plenty of shock absorption. The soft touch also makes it comfortable to hold, and it doesn’t have the rigid feel of plastic cases. It has a textured back that wraps around the sides of the phone, which makes it easier to grip and prevents the device from slipping out of your hands. The case’s precise cutouts also fit nicely around the camera, buttons, and ports for a snug and functional fit. The case has a raised edge around the camera and screen to help prevent scratches. The Damondy case also comes in three colors: Green, blue, and black. It’s an affordable and functional case that checks all the boxes for most users.

Kwmobile Clear TPU Case

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Cases are important accessories for smartphones, but they can also be bland. Most come in black or gray, or even clear if you want to have an unobstructed view of your device. If you don’t want to make your phone another black slab, consider a colorful TPU case from Kwmobile. The case itself is translucent, but it is also tinted pink toward the top and blue toward the bottom. Combine it with the black design of the Nokia 8.3, and you have a vibrant and eye-catching case that will make your phone stand out. The TPU is also soft and flexible, which makes it good for shock absorption should you drop your phone. The precise cutouts match the buttons as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing any functionality. However, it’s not the thickest case around, so consider something thicker if you want more drop protection.

Sucnakp TPU Shock Absorption Case

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The Nokia 8.3 may not have the most innovative design, but it is sleek and simple. If you want a case that carries that simple yet elegant design language, this TPU case from Sucnakp is the one for you. The TPU is soft and flexible, which makes it easy to put on and remove if you ever want to swap it out. The TPU is also designed to absorb shock, which should hopefully prevent the screen from cracking should you drop the phone. There is a black case, but the Sucnakp also has variants in blue, gray, and red. The back of the case is smooth but has a carbon fiber-style texture at the top and bottom. That makes the case a little less slippery without taking away from the case’s smooth aesthetics. This case from Sucnakp is one of the best if you’re looking for a clean and simple case.

Ranyi Nokia 8.3 Rugged Armor Case

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Standard TPU cases are great if you’re looking for a slim and simple case. However, if you want maximum protection, you’ll want something a little more rugged. That’s where this reinforced armor case from Ranyi comes in. The rubber silicone has reinforced edges on each corner, which boosts the case’s drop protection past standard TPU cases. The bumpers also have raised edges to protect the screen from scratches and other damage. The buttons are also fully wrapped to stop dust and other particles from getting into your device. For something with a little added protection, the Ranyi rugged armor case is the way to go.

Kwmobile PU Leather Wallet Case

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Wallet cases are great options for anyone who wants to forego carrying a separate wallet. This wallet case from Kwmobile offers solid protection, room for your cards and cash, and a luxurious look. The black faux leather is soft to the touch but is also resilient to scratches while protecting the phone’s display. You can also use the case as a stand for comfortable and hands-free viewing. The back of the case has a cutout for the camera, so you can still use the Nokia 8.3’s very capable shooter.

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