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Nothing mimics Apple, teases ‘(1) more thing’ for April 1

Nothing has got something to announce on April 1. If you aren’t already caught up in the hype storm generated by the buzzy tech startup named Nothing, prepare yourself for more cryptic unveils. Nothing’s Twitter handle has shared the picture of an unidentified smartphone’s lower portion with only a vague “announcement tomorrow” description.

The brainchild of OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, Nothing has already announced plans to launch its first smartphone this summer. And before that happens, Nothing has plans to release a preview of its Nothing OS skin via a custom launcher for a handful of phones. It will be close to stock Android with some neat memory management and product integration tricks for Tesla cars and AirPods in tow.

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Announcement tomorrow.

— Another (@nothing) March 31, 2022

Will Nothing finally reveal the list of Nothing OS-compatible phones tomorrow? Or more importantly, is that the Nothing Phone (1) in the teaser image? Well, we aren’t sure. Nothing isn’t particularly generous with sharing details of its smartphone endeavors, even with the press, which means we’re as much in the dark as any excited fan.

How much Apple imitation is too much?

Oh, and that “(1) more thing” line in the teaser image? Well, you might recognize it as Apple’s favorite phrase from its keynote events, just before it reveals something jaw-dropping. The trend started in 1999 when Steve Jobs revealed the Apple AirPort at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The more recognizable products announced after Apple’s quote drop are its MacBooks, the first Apple Watch, and the iPhone X. This Medium post captures the fascinating history of Apple’s iconic line beautifully.

Nothing founder Carl Pei stands in front of the Nothing Phone 1 teaser.

Coming back to Nothing, it has made no secret of its ambitions to mimic Apple. In fact, Pei boldly claimed that Nothing will offer the best non-Apple ecosystem of products out there. The Nothing Ear (1) already undercuts the AirPods with a combination of eye-catching design and noise-cancellation at a lower price. Nothing’s smartphone might just pull the same trick on iPhones.

But pay attention to the date, though. Nothing aims to make an announcement on April 1, the day every tech journalist dreads. It’s the day when consumer electronics brands suddenly decide to grow a sense of humor and weave elaborate pranks around outlandish products. And a lot of people actually fall for that.

So yeah, keep your hopes in check, and wait until Nothing actually announces something meaningful. Our advice is to wait another day before tweeting about Nothing’s announcement so that it can be verified as a legitimate product announcement, or get debunked as another lazy April Fool’s joke.

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