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OnePlus has something up its sleeve for April, but what is it?

oneplus new product launch april teaser
OnePlus loves to tease its fan club with hints about its future plans. The latest teaser from OnePlus isn’t about the rumored OnePlus Two smartphone, nor is it about a tablet or the One smartwatch we heard about earlier on. OnePlus says it’s something that’s altogether different, but what is it?

“It’s not a tablet, and it’s not a smartwatch,” OnePlus coyly writes, “But it is a game changer.”

OnePlus didn’t give away too much in its blog post, but based on process of elimination and the few teaser images the company posted, it seems likely that OnePlus’ next venture has to do with either gaming or some other kind of media consumption device. The first image says, “Start a new game,” and shows a glowing, red dot in the center. The next one, shows a hand-drawn number one, and reads, “For the fun of it,” and the last one states, “You’re in control,” with an image of a pair of hands that appear to be holding something, although nothing is there.

All of these pictures put together, seem to lead to one conclusion: OnePlus has a gaming device up its sleeve. The microconsole market is beginning to look a little crowded, especially with Nvidia’s and Razer’s entries on the horizon. Of course, it could also be a portable gaming handset or some kind of controller for the OnePlus.

Of course, all this is speculation, and none of it is terribly original. We’ll have to wait and see until April to find out what OnePlus is announcing. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted here.

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