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OnePlus’s newest accessory brings 80W charging to your car for $39

In addition to today’s full reveal of the OnePlus 10T, OnePlus has announced its new SuperVOOC 80W car charger. This is a huge step for mobile charging on the go. We’ve seen just how fast 80W can fully juice a device when plugged into a wall outlet, so being able to take those sorts of charging speeds with you on things like road trips or quick errands will be a major convenience. The unfortunate thing about the new OnePlus SuperVOOC car charger, however, is that it won’t support all devices.

The charger features two USB ports: one USB-A that supports 80W charging speeds and one USB-C that supports 30W speeds with Power Delivery (PD) standard. If you’re looking to make use of the 80W charging speeds from the USB-A port, you’ll need to be using a OnePlus phone like the 10T or 10 Pro. Otherwise, you’ll need to stick to the 30W charging of the USB-C port. Admittedly, 30W charging is still pretty solid, especially for a car charger, but the fact that only OnePlus devices support 80W charging is a bit disappointing.

Official product render for OnePlus's 80W car charger.

While the lack of overall 80W charging support across the board isn’t ideal, it’s to be expected. The OnePlus 10T, which was finally revealed in full today, has similar charging requirements for the adapter that comes in its box. The included charger juices up the 10T at 125W, but if you plug in a non-OnePlus device, you don’t get the full 125W power.

It’s also worth noting that, like other dual-USB chargers, the SuperVOOC 80W charger takes a major dip in terms of output when connected to two devices. It’ll still charge both devices, but will be capped at 63W shared between both ports. That’s to be expected and, honestly, 63W total for two devices is still decent. Just don’t expect your OnePlus devices to be back up and running as quickly when it’s charging an additional device.

The OnePlus SuperVOOC 80W car charger launches on September 1 in North America for $39. There’s currently no word on if it’ll be launching in other regions.

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