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Birds of a feather? A parakeet named Kiwi learns to summon Siri

parakeet activates siri kiwi
If you ever have trouble activating Siri with the “Hey, Siri” voice command, you really don’t have any excuses — even a parakeet can do it.

The parakeet, named Kiwi, learned how to imitate the sound of his owner using the command, then repeated it, and activated Siri for himself. Unfortunately, it seems as though Kiwi was more excited with activating Siri than actually asking for something, so the conversation really takes a turn for the worse after that

“Kiwi, a two-year-old budgie, has heard me say, ‘Hey, Siri,’ many times in the house. I never intentionally taught him this, but eventually we started hearing him say, ‘Hey, Siri,’ at random,” said Kiwi’s owner, who goes by zakooldude on YouTube. “Later, we started hearing him also imitate the chime that happens after you say, ‘Hey, Siri,’ and let Siri respond. Tonight, I caught him activating it on his own. I guess the register of his voice in imitation of mine is close enough for Siri to activate.”

Of course, activating Siri isn’t the only think Kiwi has learned — he’s also learned how to be polite. In a video, right before Kiwi activates Siri, you can hear him introduce himself by saying, “My name is Kiwi, I’m a parakeet!”

Sure, Kiwi wasn’t able to use Siri to its full potential, but that doesn’t mean that the bird can’t learn more commands in the future. Who knows, maybe if Kiwi’s owner asks Siri to set an alarm enough times, Kiwi will be able to wake up in time for work. Or maybe this will trigger the rapid evolution of the parakeet, which now has access to any information in the world.

You can check out Kiwi interacting Siri for yourself in the video below.

Talking bird activates Siri on the iPhone by saying "Hey Siri"

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