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Pebble announces three new, funky colors for its smartwatch

pebble announces three new funky colors smartwatch
The Pebble Steel may be stylish, but the original Pebble smartwatch has a playful look that’s still appealing. If you’ve held out for new color combinations, you’ll be happy to know that Pebble introduced new colors for its smartwatch earlier today.

Available for a limited time, the three new colors include Fresh Green, Hot Pink, and Fly Blue. Regardless of the corny names, they are priced at the same $150 as their different colored brethren.

Myriam Joire, Pebble’s chief envangelist, revealed to Engadget that the inspiration for the colors comes from a “#ColorMyPebble” campaign that was run a few years ago as part of the smartwatch’s Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. Even though the winners were orange and gray, Pebble has since used the contest’s runner-ups as part of the original Pebble’s color repertoire.

Unlike the company’s other color options for the Pebble, the three limited edition colored Pebble smartwatches will include matching wristbands. The company will also release a new set of watchfaces today, as well as a new app from The Weather Channel.

The new Pebble smartwatches join the limited edition Reading Rainbow Pebble smartwatches, which were announced as pledge rewards during LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign. Coming in Jet Black, the Reading Rainbow Pebble smartwatches has Burton’s name laser-etched on the back, as well as early access to a custom watchface featuring Burton’s face in 8-bit fashion.

If you do go for one of the new colors, don’t forget to check out our list of must-have apps, watchfaces, and games for your Pebble.

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