Pebble Watch competitor emerges from the dead, now on sale for $160

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Check out our in-depth Phosphor Touch Time review.

If Pebble’s highly-successful Kickstarter campaign for its smartwatch is any indication, it told us that people are highly interested in the arena that is the smartwatch market. Even so, not everyone is buying into the craze just yet, with Phosphor making its Touch Time digital watch available for purchase.

You’d be forgiven if you initially thought the Touch Time looked like the Pebble, though there is a clear distinction to be made: while the Pebble is a smartwatch that delivers your smartphone notifications and the like, the Touch Time does not. Rather, it is a touch-friendly entry in the digital watch market that Phosphor president Donald Brewer says needs improvement.

“The digital watch market has a billion dollar market size consisting primarily of 20-year-old antiquated technology,” said Brewer. Even though the Touch Time has a display that doesn’t really turn off, the watch will apparently last up to one year.

Unfortunately, while backers have had the watch since late 2012, it was not made available until now due to Phosphor wanting to incorporate backer feedback and overall enhancements to the final product. The Touch Time includes a calculator, alarm, calendar, world time, timer, and stopwatch functionality. In addition, it will remind you of daily events and tasks, as well as show you moon phase days, for those who want to view full moons as often as possible.

The Touch Time is equipped with a 144 x 168 LCD panel, with the watch itself water-resistant up to 30 meters. It is available for purchase for $160, with different bands sold separately.


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