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PokéFit puts a healthy spin on your ‘Pokémon Go’ addiction

pokemon go pokefit lumia 950
It may not have been created for the express purpose of getting people into better shape, but that certainly seems to have become a happy side effect of Pokémon Go’s almost unbelievable popularity. And now, you can track just how much more active you’ve become since downloading the hottest app of the summer by way of another app: PokéFit.

Promising to help you capture calories, distance, and usage (which is to say, exercise) time, you can now check out your own stats when it comes to your health as related to Pokémon Go. Moreover, you can create route maps of each of your sessions, which are superimposed on Google Maps.

If that’s not enough, the app also claims to help you “increase battery life and stay on budget by showing battery drain and data usage.” Because surely, you want to know exactly how much time and energy your phone is expending helping you catch Pokémon.

The free app is currently only available on the Google Play store, though the app has asked iOS users to be patient and stay tuned for updates. Once you’ve installed PokéFit, you simply need to log in and run Pokémon Go in order to see your personal PokéFit stats directly on your Pokemon screen as a small semi-transparent overlay.

Alternatively, you can just open the PokéFit app and see all your own fitness stats. “Once installed, the app works automatically,” the team says. “No need to start or stop the recording manually.”

Sure, PokéFit doesn’t necessarily offer you insights that you couldn’t find anywhere else, but it does save you the trouble of having to download a bunch of separate apps and playing around with the Pokémon Go settings screens. By placing everything in one app, PokéFit is granting you the option of being lazy, because we all know that you’re getting enough activity by trying to catch ’em all.

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