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huawei watch gt2 review front

Huawei Watch GT2 hands-on review: The software holds it back

Huawei's latest smartwatch is the Watch GT2, and it has been treated to an upmarket redesign and a host of new features, which make it more of an all-rounder than its predecessor. However, first impressions of the software are not as good, and there's still work to be done on this aspect. Read our hands-on review.
mobvoi ticwatch pro 4glte review 4g lte 1

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE review

Mobvoi has launched a 4G version of its TicWatch Pro, which has seen some slight changes from last year’s model. The LTE connectivity only works on Verizon at the moment, but it opens a world of possibilities with the watch. You won’t find a more feature-packed Wear OS by Google smartwatch than the TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE.
amazfit gts review pocket

Amazfit GTS Review: Apple Watch looks, but not Apple software

It’s easy to dismiss the Amazfit GTS off as a cheap Apple Watch knockoff. It’s undeniably a clone due to the distinctive shape of the body, but to ignore it entirely because of this would be a mistake. However, the software still needs work, as the notifications are not always reliable.
Logitech G Pro X mechanical gaming keyboard.

Logitech G Pro X review: The ultimate gaming keyboard

The Logitech G Pro X mechanical gaming keyboard doesn't reinvent the wheel, so much as let you replace the nuts and tire if they wear out. This is a mechanical keyboard with swappable switches, letting you customize the switches under every key, as well as replace them if they go bad.
Garmin Forerunner 945 review

Garmin Forerunner 945 review

Garmin's Forerunner 945 takes fitness tracking to a whole new level with a feature list that is beyond compare. We spent some time with the Forerunner 945 to find out if all these features are worth the watch's high price tag.
Samsung Galaxy Fit Hands-on review

Samsung Galaxy Fit review

Samsung’s going toe-to-toe against Fitbit’s Inspire HR with its own $99 fitness tracker -- the Galaxy Fit. It also has a heart rate monitor, can automatically detect six workouts, shows you all the notifications from your phone, and has a battery that can last for days -- all in a small package.
samsung galaxy watch active review feat

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active review

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active is a strong contender in the wearable world. It has solid battery life, a great notification system, and good fitness-tracking capabilities, all for a price of $200. Did we mention it looks great, too? The competition’s tough, but the Galaxy Watch Active puts up a tougher fight.
Coros Vertix

Coros Vertix review: For the mountaineer in all of us

Coros changed the fitness watch landscape by delivering battery life that is unbelievable in its Pace and Apex watches. We got our hands on the company's latest watch, the Vertix, to see if this adventure watch has the chops to compete with rivals Garmin and Suunto. Find out how it measures up here.
diesel on axial review bronze wrist

Diesel On Axial hands-on review: An undeniably wild and stunning smartwatch

Diesel's latest smartwatch, the On Axial, has the wildest, most uncompromising, and completely masculine design we've seen yet. The brilliant visuals are matched with some much needed technical improvements too, and based on our early impressions, it's going to be a solid performer. Here's our first look.
misfit vapor x review wrist top

Misfit Vapor X Review: Forget the fuss

The Misfit Vapor X smartwatch keeps a low profile in stealthy black; but don't take this for an inability to impress. We've tested the watch out for a few weeks, and found it to be one of the most reliable, easy-to-live-with WearOS smartwatches available today. The subtle, unfussy design goes with everything too.
Amazon Echo Frames closeup

Amazon Echo Frames, Loop, and Buds hands-on Review: More Alexa to love

Amazon is going all-in on spy gear with all the new gear they announced at its September 2019 event. With the announcement of the Echo Frames, Echo Loop, and Echo Buds, it means that there are many more ways to love Amzon's Alexa with these new gadgets. We checked them all out to see they're practical.
coros apex review track

Coros Apex is light in weight, long on battery life, but misses on features

Coros may be a newcomer to the GPS watch market, but the company is making a name for itself with its incredible battery life. Power savings is only part of the equation, a good fitness watch also has to track performance. We tested the Apex to see how it stacks up to the current crop of GPS watches.
razer huntsman tournament edition review feature small

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition review: All pro, no fun

The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is a keyboard made for e-sports. It ups the performance and the mobility to suit the lifestyle of the competitive gamer but excludes a lot of the features that make the Huntsman line so great. Overall, it's a minimalist keyboard that does what it sets out to do.
dji osmo mobile 3 review featured

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 review: Budget blockbuster

DJI's third-generation Osmo Mobile is better, easier, and even cheaper than its predecessors. If you shoot a lot of video on your phone, it's the best accessory you can add to improve the quality of your handheld footage, although it may not offer enough settings to keep power users happy.
Fi GPS Dog Collar

Fi GPS dog collar review: Finding Fido

With three-month battery life and a super compact design, the Fi GPS dog collar is discreet enough to slip on your pooch and forget about. Until you really need it. Our full review takes a look at battery life, range, and pricing compared to the alternatives.
Asus Chakram gaming mouse

Asus Chakram gaming mouse hands-on review

Joysticks might be the odd-one out in typical gaming controllers, but not with the Asus Chakram. It's a gaming mouse with a dual-axis joystick built into it, and it's a bizarre little rodent that few will find perfect for them. But for those that do, it could be a great addition to their gaming arsenal.
XPG Headshot 4D printed gaming mouse

XPG Headshot 4D printed gaming mouse hands-on review

XPG wants to make custom gaming mice for everyone. Its new Headshot mouse can be 3D printed using scans of your hand and grip type, making a mouse that should fit you better than any that came before. When combined with a high-end Pixart sensor and Omron switches, this could be the last mouse you ever need.
Withings Move ECG

Withings Move ECG review: An affordable electrocardiogram alternative

The Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $400, and while it’s feature-packed, the highlight is the electrocardiogram, which has the potential to save lives. Withings’ Move ECG has the same capability but at a fraction of the cost. It’s not as smart as the Apple Watch, but it works on Android and iOS as well.
logitech mx master 3 key review 23

Logitech MX Master 3 and MX Keys review: The near-perfect keyboard and mouse

For 2019 Logitech has listened to fan feedback and is introducing two new products to the MX lineup. Both priced at $99, the MX Master 3 and MX Key take the design, comfort, and functionality of the keyboard and mouse to a whole new level. Here's more on our experience with the latest flagship Logitech product.
Suunto 5

The Suunto 5 sports watch is durable, but the display holds it back

Suunto set a high bar last year with the touchscreen-enabled Suunto 9, but its latest fitness watch, the Suunto 5, is a step backward. The watch offers Suunto's most exciting training and battery technology, but an uncomfortable band and low-quality display leaves us disappointed.
Fitbit Ace 2 review

Fitbit Ace 2 review

With its Ace 2 fitness tracker for kids, Fitbit didn't just take one of its adult fitness bands and repackage it. The company instead listened to feedback and designed a tracker kids actually will enjoy wearing. From colorful bands to a kid-friendly interface, there's a lot to like about the Ace 2.
withings move review

Withings Move review

Withings nailed it with the Move hybrid fitness watch. Its stylish good looks and competent fitness tracking won us over. For casual athletes, it's a bargain at $70, but there are a few drawbacks to its budget design.
Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 review

Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 review

Diesel’s no-holds-barred watch designs are awesome, so we hold its new smartwatch to a similarly high standard. Sadly, while Diesel holds its end of the deal up, the On Full Guard 2.5 is let down by a poor battery and the underlying Wear OS software platform from Google.
A Garmin Forerunner 235 Music smartwatch on a wrist.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music review

Garmin's new Forerunner 245 Music debuts with a bevy of new metrics, onboard maps, and music. Will these features help you make strides in your training? Is it for casual or serious athletes? We put the watch through its paces to find out.
Garmin Forerunner 45S

Garmin Forerunner 45S Review

Garmin's new Forerunner 45S debuts with a bevy of new metrics and a fresh new look. Are these features worth the $200 price tag? We logged some serious miles to find out.
tag heuer connected modular 45 golf edition review 3

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Golf Edition review

Tag Heuer’s known for its sporting partnerships, and this new Golf Edition Connected Modular 45 smartwatch is so into the game, it even comes with three specially-branded golf balls. It has got the looks, but has it got the talent? Surprisingly, it does, and there is more than just some balls in the package.
alpina alpinerx review feat

Alpina AlpinerX review

The Alpina AlpinerX is what happens when the Swiss watch industry gets smartwatches right. It combines the desirability of a Swiss-made timepiece with the convenience of notifications and smart features of a full smartwatch, with carefully judged accuracy. It’s as delicately balanced, and expertly made as you hope.
Armani Exchange AX Connected review

Armani Exchange AX Connected review

The Armani Exchange AX Connected smartwatch does everything right. It has strong technical features, a good design, and isn’t over-priced. However, it doesn’t stand apart from the competition, and relies too much on the appeal of the Armani name to convince people to buy it. Is that enough? The watch has been on our wrist for a while, and we’ve found out.
Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller Review

Scuf Vantage PS4 Controller Review

The Scuf Vantage is the best high-performance PlayStation 4 controller you can get with all the customization options a dedicated gamer can ask for. It gives the Xbox Elite Controller some solid competition but with such a high price tag, we have a few reservations about its issues.
Huawei Watch GT Elegant and Active hands-on

Huawei Watch GT Elegant and Active hands-on review

Huawei has launched two new versions of the Watch GT smartwatch, embracing a smaller screen and case size to go along with a new look for the larger model. But while it has not added many new features, it does expect you to pay more to own one. We’ve worn them to see if the higher price is justified.
garmin marq review expidition 5

Garmin Marq hands-on review

Garmin’s celebrating its 30th anniversary in style with the launch of its Marq range of luxury “tool watches,” which have special features that will appeal to adventurers, sailors, pilots, racing drivers, and the very sporty. You’ll have to splash out, but the high quality and laser focused feature list may tempt you.
Fitbit Inspire HR review

Fitbit Inspire HR review

The Fitbit Inspire HR delivers an outstanding value in a fitness tracker, providing all the features you need including solid step tracking, detailed sleep tracking, and reliable heart rate monitoring. The affordable price makes its easy to recommend the Inspire HR for anyone looking to make the jump into the world of fitness tracking.
Fitbit Versa Lite Review

Fitbit Versa Lite review

Fitbit's Versa Lite smartwatch is the company's most affordable smartwatch, but this low price comes with some strings attached. To keep the price affordable, Fitbit trimmed some of the features it bundled in it popular Versa smartwatch. Is this a deal breaker? We put the Versa Lite through its paces to find out.
Casio Pro Trek F30 review

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 review

Casio has worked hard to make its new Pro Trek smartwatch suitable for more people by reducing the size, without compromising on features or battery life. By doing so, the watch has evolved to become suitable for the outdoor enthusiast and fans of the design alike. Here’s our review.