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This Valentine’s Day, keep track of all your dates with RaterDater

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Fending the guys (or ladies) off with a club? Turning both lunch and dinner into a social affair? Are you so popular you literally can’t even? We have an app for you. RaterDater is the little black book of the 21st century; it celebrates your popularity and your poor memory by allowing you to track and take notes on your slew of dates. Behaving much like a digital notebook for your romantic prospects, RaterDater lets you store information on guys and gals, make notes on them (where you met, how the date went, etc.), and set “customized criteria for ranking” your significant others. Who said romance was dead?

Danielle Eber, the creator of RaterDater, realized that the enormity of the playing field created by dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and the like, has made it very difficult to keep all your dates straight. After all, with so many fish in the sea, you’re going to need some way to mark them, right?

The app helps keep your personal life organized — never confuse who you had which conversation with again. Instead, log information about your first date, what you liked about him or her, and any other characteristics you find important. And as your relationship progresses, RaterDater lets you add more data until you’ve practically created a profile for your beau. Sure, you probably don’t want to let them see it right away, but maybe if you get married, it’ll be a fun trip down memory lane … or something.

While the idea of giving people a ranking on an app may be a bit off-putting at first, RaterDater seems to quantify what many of us already do internally. Inevitably, we create a mental checklist of must-haves and nice-to-haves for our significant others, and RaterDater simply makes that tangible.

So if you’re a hot date trying to keep tabs on the dozens of options you’ve on the table, it may be time to give RaterDater a try.

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