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Samsung reported to have fixed the Galaxy Fold, but it won’t be reappearing yet

samsung galaxy fold
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

According to a report from Bloomberg, Samsung has fixed many of the issues that plagued review units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and is preparing to start manufacturing the device. However, we still shouldn’t expect to see it soon.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was meant to be a glorious event that heralded the start of a new, foldable future. Instead, early versions of the device were beset by a variety of issues. Some reviewers removed what they thought was a screen protector, only to find removing it broke the device’s display. For others, it is suspected a gap in the casing allowed dirt and grit to enter the device and disrupt the display from the inside. Whatever the reasons, the embarrassing fiasco led to early units being recalled, and the eventual cancellations of pre-orders for the device.

But it seems Samsung’s dark days may be over. Citing “people familiar with the matter”, Bloomberg claims Samsung has completed its redesign of the Galaxy Fold, fixing some of the worst issues. The focus of the fixes appears to have been on the protective film covering the screen, and Samsung has extended that film to wrap around the screen and fold beneath the device’s bezels, making it supposedly impossible to peel away.

This redesign also includes a slight change to the Fold’s hinge. Samsung has pushed it further upwards, away from the screen. This move stretches the film, increasing tension, and hopefully decreasing the chances of the notorious screen crease. However, there’s no mention of the suspected casing gap that may have allowed entry to small particles.

But don’t expect to see the Galaxy Fold make a triumphant return yet. The device is unlikely to appear at the August 7 Galaxy Unpacked event. With the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 10 expected to be launched at the event, it would make sense for Samsung to avoid overshadowing either launch. Instead, it might be wise to expect a launch later in the year for the Galaxy Fold — hopefully just in time to cash in on the holiday season. With Huawei having delayed its own folding Mate X smartphone until September, Samsung currently has all the time in the world to re-release the Galaxy Fold.

The review unit that Digital Trends received exhibited none of the issues other publications experienced, and Mobile Editor Julian Chokkattu thought the revolutionary device was “an exciting step toward a foldable future” in his review.

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