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Samsung reportedly ramps up Galaxy S7 production to help make up for Note 7 losses

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is more or less dead — Samsung has halted production of the phone and warned users that they should switch their devices off. So what can you use instead? Well, Samsung wants you to take a look at its Galaxy S7.

A new report from the Korea Herald suggests that Samsung is seriously ramping up its Galaxy S7 production, as well as the production of some of its lower-end models in an attempt to have replacements at the ready — and to try and make up for all the lost profits incurred during the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

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According to the report, Samsung is expected to lose as much as a whopping $17 billion over the Note 7 situation, which is no small figure. As far as replacements, along with the Galaxy S7, Samsung is also focusing on producing the Galaxy A8. All the while, its shifting its focus to building the Galaxy S8, which is likely to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February.

Some reports also indicate that Samsung may push up the release of the Galaxy S8, however, the Korea Herald report notes that none of Samsung’s partners have been warned of a new launch date for the phone.

“Samsung has not given any notice whatsoever about the plan to push forward the launch date,” said an official for an electronics supplier for Samsung, according to the report. “The rescheduling would be possible only if Samsung ceases production of the Note 7 for good and takes no further measures to salvage the handset.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how the Note 7 scandal affects Samsung’s business going forward — the company’s consumer trust has been seriously damaged by the issues with the original Note 7, as well as its replacement.

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