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Try on that ring before you buy it with Shop 4 Ring, a new AR app

Feeding your online shopping addiction may not be the wisest move for your bank account, but if you consider that this new app that allows you to try your jewelry on before you buy it is free, it sort of works itself out … doesn’t it?

Meet Shop 4 Rings, a new iOS app that combines hand recognition technology with augmented reality (AR) to help consumers virtually try rings on their hands before clicking “buy now.” The latest app from the team at, Shop 4 Rings is a mobile jewelry store that lets you shop as though you were in a physical boutique. Simply look around, try the rings on, and then order your favorite pieces. The app utilizes the iPhone’s built-in camera to scan and take a photo of your hand, and then Tryon’s “revolutionary augmented reality tech carefully places the ring where it belongs.” To place the jewelry on a different finger, simply swipe left or right, or tap twice to zoom in and adjust its placement.

As the Tryon team points out, the ever-expanding jewelry market currently relies primarily on catalogs or digital images of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and the like. But as pretty as these pieces may look on the page, it’s difficult to accurately envision how they would appear on your person. As such, the app developers note, “Adding a digital element into brand’s marketing mix is definitely a step forward.” The app will not only benefit potential customers, but tech savvy vendors as well. Shop 4 Rings encourages vendors to connect their e-stores to help customers try on jewelry before buying it online, or even offer the ability for a customer to create their own 3D jewelry design.

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While the app is currently available only to iPhone users, promises that Android owners won’t be left out for much longer. So if you’ve been eyeing that one particular ring for a bit too long now, you can finally try it on without worrying about having to print a return label.

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