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Sleep Cycle app for Android will soon allow users to track sleep using sound

Android users who rely on the Sleep Cycle app to track sleep patterns will soon no longer have to keep their devices in bed with them in order to use the app. As of February 22, a new update will allow it to track sleep using sound, which means users can place it on their nightstands instead.

When being used, the Sleep Cycle app tracks your sleep patterns and then wakes you up during light sleep.  This then helps you wake up feeling naturally rested rather than having to use an alarm clock.

Even though it’s a new capability for Android, the technology has been around for quite some time on the iOS app. For Android users, they’ve so far only had the option of placing the device on their mattress. While the iOS app won’t be receiving any updates, a new Apple Watch release is set for March 1.

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock utilizes your smartphone’s microphone as well as machine learning, to identify and track your movements in bed. The algorithm listens in on sounds such as bed sheets moving, while also filtering out any sounds that aren’t specifically caused from the user’s movements while asleep. This is part of the app’s patented technology which allows users to track sleep without their smartphone’s accelerometer.

The app will then analyze the data collected from users’ sleep, record the findings, and wake you up during the lightest sleep phase by using a predefined 30-minute alarm window. Other features include access to nightly sleep reports and sleep graphs, the ability to track long-term sleep trends, and more.

Sleep Cycle also has customizable options to choose from such as different alarm melodies to choose as a wake-up sound, and you can also choose your wake-up window which ranges from instant to 90 minutes. With its “Sleep notes” feature, it can track how different factors like drinking coffee, eating too much, or dealing with stress can affect the quality of your sleep.

Aside from helping to analyze your sleep patterns, using the Sleep Cycle app means you also don’t have to wear a device to bed — which can be uncomfortable at times. Since you can use it while it’s on your nightstand or even the floor, it means you can simultaneously charge your phone throughout the night too.

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