Spike TV Goes Mobile

Spike TV, a television network targeted towards men, yesterday announced they were stepping into the mobile arena with a new offering designed to bring their programming to the small screen. The new Spike Mobile service looks to be live now.

Spike Mobile, said the television network, is geared towards men ages 18 to 49 and is available cross-carrier. The service promises to bring short video clips of “five pillars” of action content to viewers – “What’s On (Pros vs. Joes, Blade: The Series); Action (The Ultimate Fighter, Disorderly Conduct); Gaming (Game Head, Video Games Awards); Gags (MXC, Raising the Roofs) and Wheels (MuscleCar, Carpocalypse)”.

As a kick off to Spike Mobile, Spike TV has teamed with Amp’d Mobile to simulcast Ultimate Fight Night Live on both the big and small screens this evening at 8 pm EST. During scheduled breaks of the telecast, the Spike Mobile simulcast will insert and air trailers of upcoming feature films from the following studios: Paramount Pictures, The Weinstein Company, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Studios.

“When we say men ‘Get More Action’ on Spike TV, we mean it and our new wireless initiatives, as exemplified by our precedent-setting Ultimate Fighting Championship live simulcast on Amp’d April 6, not only delivers on that promise, but delivers it whenever and wherever men want it,” said Kevin Kay, executive vice president and general manager, Spike TV, in a statement. “Our male viewers are the same demographic that is most rapidly adopting new mobile technologies and we excited to introduce them to additional content as we continue to launch new action-oriented programming throughout the year.”