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Sprint now offers an unlimited data plan for tablets, but it comes with some — limits

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Want unlimited data from Sprint? You can get it, but it’ll cost you … not all that much, actually. On Tuesday, the Kansas-based mobile service provider introduced an unlimited data plan exclusively for tablet users. It’s being touted as a deal for just $20 a line per month, and promises “unlimited mobile streaming video, online gaming and streaming music, and 4G LTE for most everything else on their tablet.” At first glance, it looks like a clever way to get unlimited data on the cheap.

“We’re thrilled to offer our customers a chance to enjoy a tablet with unlimited data for a super price every month,” said Roger Solé, Sprint chief marketing officer. “People use their tablets on-the-go, at home, school, or work — and, now they can use a Sprint tablet without having to worry about data overages.”

But be warned, there are a few drawbacks that may make the deal a little less sweet than you originally thought.

Sure, you’re getting unlimited data, but much like T-Mobile and its BingeOn program, Sprint will cap video streams at 480p, music streams at 500kbps, and gaming at 2Mbps. To be fair, that’s the exact same restriction placed upon the users of Sprint’s unlimited phone plan, so if you’re already accustomed to these limitations, it’s nothing new. If you want, you can actually obtain “premium resolution streaming,” but that’ll set you back an extra $20 a month. So if you’re willing to pay $40 each month purely to get unlimited data on your tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy videos at up to 1080p, HD Music streaming at up to 1.5Mbps, and gaming at up to 8Mbps.

The calculation as to whether or not it’s worth it will be a personal one, but know that in order to qualify for the unlimited data plan for the tablet, you’ll have to buy said tablet from Sprint, have at least one active phone line on your account, and enroll in AutoPay.

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