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These Starbucks Galaxy Buds cases are some of the cutest I’ve ever seen

Starbucks Korea is collaborating with Samsung to serve up a new line of limited-edition cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Buds. Both companies announced the collaboration on Monday, and all of the Starbucks x Samsung Galaxy cases are some of the cutest pieces of Starbucks merchandise that I wish were being sold in the U.S.

The highlights from the Starbucks x Samsung lineup are the wireless earbud cases for Galaxy Buds 2, Buds Live, and Buds Pro. One of the cases has the unique design of a Starbucks mug with latte art on the lid, which is perfect for fans who love having the most beautiful artwork swirling around in their coffee. The other earbud case is dark green with the classic Starbucks logo embroidered on it. It’s not quite as unique, but it still looks fantastic.

A couple of the phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are designed after the brand’s official silicone case with strap — with a whimsical Starbucks twist. The first case is dark green with a strap resembling a Starbucks receipt, and the other is mint green and has a striped strap bearing the Bearista logo. The Samsung Galaxy S22 case is a light green cloth case with the Starbucks logo embroidered on it, while the Samsung Galaxy S22+ case is dark green and bearing the motivational tagline “Count Stars in your Galaxy,” with a star symbol replacing the “a” to represent the Stars you receive with every purchase as part of the Starbucks Rewards program.

The Starbucks x Samsung Galaxy cases are made with eco-friendly materials, and they will go on sale on the Naver Starbucks website on Tuesday. They are in limited supply, so you might want to act fast if you want to buy any or all of them to show off your love for Starbucks and their latte art.

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