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T-Mobile’s $120 family plan with 4 lines and 24GB of data is back

T-Mobile Event 3/18/2015
Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends
T-Mobile has announced a new family plan offer for data lovers, dropping the price of four lines to $120 per month. The new deal offers unlimited calls, texts, and 6GB of data per month for each user, with all of the Simple Choice extras. In total, all that data adds up to 24GB, which is quite a lot. If those users need more, the Simple Choice data tiers have doubled, so you can add 4GB of data for $15/month.

It is a price drop of $20 per month from the usual cost for the same features, and the deal will be available for a limited time only.

In the breakdown of the deal, it shows that the first two lines cost $50 per month, the third costs $20 per month, and the fourth is offered for free. The end result is $30 per line for all the data, calls, and texts you want to make each month. Of course, you’ll have to pay for your phone in installments unless you already own one, which does add to the overall cost.

Like all Simple Choice plans, the family plan promotion comes bundled with unlimited calls to Mexico or Canada for free from the United States, as well as unlimited texts, calls, and data when traveling to the two countries. T-Mobile extends unlimited data and texting to more than 140 countries with no roaming fees. However, calls in countries beside Canada and Mexico will cost you 20 cents per minute.

Additionally, customers who sign up for the new plan will be able to stream unlimited music from most popular music-streaming services and save up any unused 4G LTE data in ‘Data Stash’ for 12 months. If you’ve been with T-Mobile for a while, all these deals will likely sound quite familiar to you.

T-Mobile doesn’t state on its page how long the deal will be available, but does say “this offer won’t last long,” advising customers to call or come visit a store to get set up on the new plan. You can also sign up for it on T-Mobile’s website. Both new and existing customers are eligible.

The deal is the same price as Sprint’s family plan, which offers unlimited calls, texts, and 40GB of shared data for $120 per month.

T-Mobile has argued that the extra features are worth the additional price compared to Sprint. T-Mobile is also investing heavily into more spectrum and Extended Range LTE, while Sprint announced it would not be spending any more in the upcoming FCC spectrum auction, due to financial issues.

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