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Texting For Pizza

The Papa John’s pizza chain has rolled out nationally a new service that lets customers order their pizzas by text message.  

It’s the next step for the company, which has already found that 20% of its sales have come from online ordering.

Customers have to create an initial online account, including four favorite orders, payment preference and a delivery address, according to CNN. Oncethat’s accepted, customers can text in which of their favorites they wish to order, and Papa John’s responds with a query. Once the customer has sent a confirmation, the order is preparedand delivered.

 "Our vision is that you can order a Papa John’s pizza anytime of day or night — wherever you are," Nigel Travers, president and CEO of Papa John’s, told the network.

The text message ordering follows a new service from Domino’s that lets customers order pizza from Web-enabled mobile devices.  

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