Get more done: Todoist’s Android app gains function and style with design refresh

Todoist, the versatile cross-platform service that helps you keep all of your personal, pleasure, and professional planning straight, is getting a refreshed look. The spruced-up, new Android app, which the Todoist team calls “the most comprehensive revamp” yet, features an entirely new design, simplified actions, and a few of the features its iOS counterpart received a few weeks back.

Most noticeably, the new Todoist on Android adheres to Google’s material design language. It’s a full stop adoption with speedy animations and colorful iconography, very much in contrast with the previous version’s monochromatic aesthetic. The buttons are larger and the menus spaced more sensibly, and the app’s appearance is customizable — you can choose between 10 color themes.


Fresh coat of paint aside, it’s now a lot easier to add lists and jobs to Todoist. A new hovering button in the lower-right corner lets you quickly input tasks, the contents of which Todoist will parse automatically for contextual details. The app’s natural language recognition is smart enough to detect dates and times, and will automatically highlight relevant categories. “You can input almost any combination of details whatsoever into Todoist, and the app will know exactly what to do with it,” the company says.

A few other, smaller (but nonetheless useful) features have migrated from Todoist on iOS. You can make sub-tasks with a simple swipe to the right on the task creation screen, swipe left on a task to schedule it or right to mark it complete, and you can invite collaborators to tasks more easily.

Todoist may have a premium service, but it’s not walling any of the new features behind it. That said, the company took the opportunity to announce that it’s raising the limit on file uploads from 20MB to 100MB on all platforms, including Android, for paying users. Todoist Premium starts at $29 per year.

Eager to begin plotting out the weeks and months ahead? The updated version of Todoist is rolling out at Google Play for all users. You can download it now.

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