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Get nutritional advice from a trainer with MyFitnessPal and Trainerize

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Counting calories by itself just isn’t enough when it comes to fitness, so why settle for an app that only takes care of that one component of the larger health puzzle? Thanks to a new integration between personal training software Trainerize and Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal, you’ll not only be keeping tabs on what you’re eating, but will also give your trainer complete access into your fitness and nutritional habits in a single platform.

“Medical studies have reported that keeping a food diary can double a person’s weight loss, and MyFitnessPal created a quick, simple way to keep track of your diet on your phone” said Sharad Mohan, CEO of Trainerize. “By giving your personal trainer access to both MyFitnessPal and Trainerize stats, they’re able to create personalized workouts and meal plans that fit your lifestyle, hold you more accountable, and keep you motivated.”

By way of Trainerize, personal trainers can help their clients set nutrition goals, exercise targets, and more. And with the information provided by MyFitnessPal, health experts can gain deeper insights into how diet affects a client’s progress, and use this information to create more personalized nutrition goals.

The integration between the two apps means that trainers can now send messages and tailored workout programs that are designed specifically with their client’s eating habits in mind. Health professionals can send meal plans, exercise regimens, calorie and macro goals, and more for those looking to get or stay in shape.

“We’re continuously working to connect Trainerize to the most advanced set of tools on the market, unifying all client information into one easy-to-use dashboard,” said Mohan. “Implementing MyFitnessPal into our program takes meal planning to the next level. It allows both our trainers and their clients to place a greater focus on the nutritional component of their programs.”

This is the latest in a series of partnerships for Trainerize, which boasts a user base of over 35,000 personal trainers and fitness studios. Recently, the platform also integrated with Fitbit, which allowed trainers to integrate their clients’ body weight, body fat, and resting heart rate into the Trainerize platform.

So if fitness is one of your goals this summer, you may want to consider the convenience of a mobile-ready trainer with Trainerize.

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