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TripPix lets you create beautiful travel photo books

trippix lets you create beautiful travel photo books app for ios
If you’ve ever built a photo book online, you know how time-consuming it can be. From uploading all of your photos to having to arrange where the photos should go, it can take a few hours to complete your creation. Today, Shutterfly has released a new app, TripPix, which allows you to create beautiful personalized photo books for every important occasion.

To create a personalized photo book, all you have to do is choose 15-30 photos, describe your vacation, and then TripPix will instantly create the look and feel for your book. The TripPix “Add Maps” feature will let you add a map for each location you have visited, that will show up next to the photos in your book. You can easily edit the title and location of each map. TripPix uses location data to incorporate statistics like distance traveled, length of trip, and elevation.

You can even add the names of other people who went on vacation with you, report what the weather was like on your vacation, and say what you did while you were there.

Once you’ve completed your first TripPix book, it will be ready to ship. Your keepsake will be 6×6 and will cost $19.99, and the firm offers free shipping and assures you it will arrive in just a few weeks. TripPix includes a bamboo stand to assist in coffee-table presentation.

You will be able to use photos that are saved on your mobile device and contain location data. If your photos don’t contain location data, however, they won’t be visible. You also can use photos from ThisLife, Facebook, or Instagram.

While there are plenty of sites that let you create photos books online, including Snapfish, CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens, TripPix cuts the time it takes to build one of these books in half. So if your time is as precious as your memories, they may be worth considering. You can download TripPix by Shutterfly on the App Store here

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